Chinese Encyclopaedia to be translated into Tibetan

The Chinese Encyclopaedia is being translated to the Tibetan version, which will be the third national minority language edition of the Encyclopedia. According to the head of the Tibetology studies institute of the University of Tibet, Cedain Zhaxi, the translation is probably to be finished in five years time.

Additionally, the publication and translation of this version is to be done by the publication authorities, the Tibet Independent Regions press and the university. According to Cedain Zhaxi, the person in charge of the translation project, more than ten people especially researchers, teachers and postgraduates have begun with the translations and other translators are set to join.

Cedain Zhaxi said that the Tibetan edition would considerably improve the vocabulary of the Tibetan language. He went on to say that, most of the vocabulary items in foreign literature, world geography and philosophy in the encyclopedia do not have any corresponding Tibetan expressions. On the other hand, China began the translation of the encyclopedia into Kazakh and Uygur in the year 2011.

Cedain Zhaxi said that various ethnic groups in Tibet have been expecting the translation to begin and that the Tibetan language is progressing. He went on to say that, the version is to be distributed among libraries and schools in cities, rural areas and monasteries. The second edition of the China Encyclopedia was published in 2009 and it comprises of 60,000 items and 32 volumes.