New Mango Language product teaches through film

Mango Languages have just launched their latest product; Mango Premiere. This is a unique cultural and language product which teaches language through film . Mango Premiere will be available from 2700 plus academic and public libraries which currently offer Mango Languages, and also to any new subscribers to Mango.

Research has shown that 2 of the biggest hurdles when it comes to  learning a new language are motivation and time. Mango Premiere is a true innovation which capitalises on the entertainment value of film to create a rich and cultural experience when it comes to learning a new language, This new product is based on Mango Languages’ proven methodology and teaches learners language, grammar, vocabulary and culture through the storylines and dialogue of each film.

The first four films in the Mango Premiere product line include “Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge” (Japanese); “Kung Fu Dunk” (Mandarin); as well as “The Diary of Anne Frank” and “I’ll Believe You” in English as a Second Language for Spanish. Mango Languages is aiming to add a catalogue of movies in the U.S. market by the end of the year.

“At Mango Languages, we’re pushing the boundaries and thinking creatively to change not only our world, but also the world of our customers, their customers and beyond. We’re passionate about creating innovative products like Mango Premiere that combine entertainment with education to create an undeniably unique experience,” said Jason Teshuba, linguapreneur and CEO of Mango Languages.

More than 100 libraries across the country signed up to host Mango Premiere launch parties, which will be hosted b etween November 12 and November 30, 2013,  as part of a nationwide event to invite patrons to be the first to try this innovative new product. The mission of these parties, at a much deeper level, is to showcase how libraries are making a difference by offering groundbreaking products, like Mango Premiere, to their communities.

“Libraries are playing a pivotal role in the growth of our Collier County community by offering innovative and engaging resources like Mango Premiere,” said Denise McMahon, senior librarian supervisor of the South Regional Library of the Collier County Public Library System. “We’re excited to participate in the Nationwide Mango Premiere Launch Party to showcase this new product to our patrons who are interested in learning a new language for work, travel or fun.”

Mango Premiere is changing the way people learn languages through entertainment and engagement.