Learning a new language needn’t be as difficult as you think

Learning to speak a new language should be fun but those over a certain age often worry that they won’t be able to absorb neither the language nor the pronunciation correctly. The truth is that anyone can learn a new language at any age, and the old adage ‘slow and steady wins the race’ is especially prevalent to this scenario. Here are a few tips to learning a new language.

To start with, there is no need to rush out and spend a small fortune on an language course. While these are very good, the problem is that people learn at their own pace and are impatient to see what is next so rush things, and while little bits and pieces will stick in there it will invariably get mixed up so when you let rip with your new language and try to make conversation nobody will understand you.

If you are learning the native tongue of your favourite holiday spot then you will have picked up more of the local lingo that you will have realised. Bringing home restaurant menus and the like will greatly help with your practice, and by learning the basics properly will give you the confidence to move on from the odd word to comprehensible sentences then short conversations.

If you are doing your research and aren’t sure of the correct pronunciation make use of the free translation sites on line. These also have an audio feature so if you type in your word and click the button you can hear it out loud. Practice this a few time until you get it right and only then move on. Greetings, numbers, days of the week and basic foodstuffs are the first things you should learn, and once you have got to grips with these everything after that will come a lot easier, as long as you are patient and take it one step at a time.