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Translation Options – How Good are They

Online Translators Online translators are fantastic when you need something translated into your native language, but they do have a number of big disadvantages and therefore extremely limited applications. The biggest problem with online translators is that they cannot understand context. Pop in a simple word and it translates it, great. But if that word […]

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How Do You Translate this Word

Hardest Words to Translate One of the most difficult challenges for any translator is when they come across a word that either has no translation into the required language, or take a lot of explaining to fully translate. So, with that in mind here are a few words that are difficult to translate. AUTO-TUNED This […]

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What do you need to become a Translator?

How do you become a Translator? There are a number of different ways someone can begin their career as a professional translator. If you’re already equipped with the skills required, perfect. However, it is possible to find highly skilled individuals with entirely different qualifications, previous working experiences and personal interests. If you really want to […]

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