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Romanian declared official language of Moldova

The Republic of Moldova’s constitutional court held that the official language is Romanian. Prior to the court decision, people in Moldova have been speaking Moldovan that has an aspect of Latin. According to the presidency in the Republic of Moldova, Romanians are found in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. They also argued that Moldovan […]

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New Mango Language product teaches through film

Mango Languages have just launched their latest product; Mango Premiere. This is a unique cultural and language product which teaches language through film . Mango Premiere will be available from 2700 plus academic and public libraries which currently offer Mango Languages, and also to any new subscribers to Mango. Research has shown that 2 of the […]

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Should Welsh be an official EU language?

The question of whether Welsh ought to be an official language of the EU is certainly debatable; there are actually 23 languages designated as ‘official’ in the European Union, but only three are in wide use across all member countries. German is most common, followed by English and French. Welsh, and five others including Scottish […]

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Tool produced to recreate ancient languages

Academics have produced a tool that can reconstruct proto-languages or those early vernaculars that shaped our language today. In order to test the scheme, the group got 673 currently spoken Asian and Pacific language and then reconstructed the primeval dialects that they were derived. The scientists showed their system by taking a look at a […]

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Learning French in France

Along with other notable advantages, learning genuine French in France with a correct accent and all the colloquialisms that go with it is the biggest one. It only makes sense that to speak correct French you need to learn in France. There are other very good course offered in the UK, Canada and the US, […]

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