Logical Translations New Global Branding and Website

A translation firm which found its feet 15 years ago in the freelance language sector, has officially launched its global brand today with the grand unveiling of its brand new website.

The Logical Translations team has already made a name for itself in and around Asia thanks to burgeoning success locally and on a range of freelance platforms including People Per Hour, and has used this momentum to seize an opportunity to launch as a standalone business. A stellar client list already includes Bloomsbury Publishing London, BE Aerospace, Xerox, eBay and Amazon.

The Logical Translations team is made up of a team of accredited language professionals with over 10 years first hand translation experience. With around 200 languages between them, the new brand is keen to offer customers a high quality service backed with supreme linguistic choice and superb flexibility.

Following its own success both locally and abroad, Logical Translations has created an intuitive new website to give customers the option to take a leaf out of its own playbook, fully embracing the immediacy of doing business online along with the associated cost savings. The primary objective is to give clients a budget friendly way to expand internationally.

In addition to being ATA and ITI certified, the team has extensive experience in translating a vast range of speciality materials including medical documents, technical/mechanical material and immigration reports. Law related content is also a key service area. The highly accurate quality control process means documents are precisely translated to the standard and clarity needed in the legal profession.

Jack Bertrum, CEO of Logical Translations said “We’re really proud to launch our website today. It is the culmination of several years working in the language industry. With a loyal client base and increased demand globally for translation services, we felt now was the perfect time to officially launch the brand site. Our team is trained to speak and write in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Malaysian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic -the list goes on so our client base is incredibly diverse.”

In the global marketplace it is essential for business leaders with an eye on overseas markets to consider a second, third or even fourth language to keep up with competitors, making the launch of LogicalTranslations.com particularly timely. While several sources show English as the most common online language, many experts predict that Chinese will soon claim the top spot. Spanish and Arabic are also widely spoken online.

A recent survey conducted by Common Sense Advisory found that most commercial web-users do not speak English as a first language. Of the 3002 people polled, the survey found that consumers are more likely to buy from a website that is available in their first language. Therefore most companies would benefit from a globally accessible website.

As more and more businesses are making the transition in to online services, it is important for existing companies to adopt these new language trends.