Romanian declared official language of Moldova

The Republic of Moldova’s constitutional court held that the official language is Romanian. Prior to the court decision, people in Moldova have been speaking Moldovan that has an aspect of Latin. According to the presidency in the Republic of Moldova, Romanians are found in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. They also argued that Moldovan Language that has Latin dialect is essentially similar to Romanian. This argument was also supported by Sciences Academy in Moldova.

Moldovan originated when area was under the Soviets in order to separate the Moldova from Romania. However, the communist party within the Republic of Moldova is of a contrary opinion saying that the change was unwarranted for. Moldovan language has many dialects that are spoken all over the Republic of Moldova and Romania. In fact, there are minor variations of the Moldovan spoken in Romania and that which is spoken in Moldova, a discrepancy which is also experienced by those living within Romania.

Before takeover of Moldova by the Soviet Union in 1940, the region was part of Romania. It wasn’t until 1991 when the country gained its Independence. The North Eastern area of Romania is also historically referred to as Moldova, which borders the Republic of Moldova. This shows the countries have a lot in common. Recently, the leaders from the two countries have expressed their interest in joining the two countries. Traian Basescu who is the president of Romania, which is a member of the EU has expressed his support for this new move. The Republic of Moldova is yet to join the EU.