9 Top Translation Apps

Have you ever wanted to get out and see the world but you’re worried about the language barriers? How are you going to communicate? Well stop your panicking because here is a list of the best translation apps you can download today. Perfect for when you visit exotic new countries.

SayHi Translate

This is an easy way to have a two-way conversation in two languages. With an impressive list of 90 languages and dialects including; a notable amount of Arabic dialects. SayHi is a simple, easy to use app that is designed to avoid cluttered content making conversations flow swiftly and without any distractions. Whatever you say will be translated quickly and very accurately, and with adjustable buttons for speed you can set the pace that suits you.

Speak and Translate

This is an essential voice and text translator that allows you to communicate with anyone around the world. With 54 voice-to-voice and 117 text-to-text translations, Speak and Translate boasts an impressive gallery of languages. Some cool features include; real-time voice recognition significantly increase the speed of translations, seamless switching between devices, iCloud integration allows all translations to be synched up with all your other Apple devices. Available to download now form the App Store.


This one is an Optical Character Recognition app that digitizes text and offers translations. Some the apps features include; instantly capturing text from live video streams or photos and turning it into links, phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses that then becomes clickable. Another important feature is that it doesn’t require an internet connection, meaning you can recognise text on the go. With over 100 languages to choose from, you can translate books, ads or a TV screen but translations do require an internet connection.


Ever wanted to visit Asia? You’ll need to check out Papago, a translation app that focuses exclusively on translating Korean, Mandarin and Japanese to and from English. If you’re stuck on a word or phrase that has more than one translation, Papago will ask you to choose between two different images to establish what you’re after. Travellers will love this one as it has a lot of helpful features for all your excursions including; conversation mode, offline mode, and automatic currency conversion.


TripLingo is the pinnacle tool for any international traveller as it allows users to learn essential phrases, instantly translate their voice or connect to a live translator, get a crash course on the local culture and so much more. Some of its coolest features include; Wi-Fi dialler, a phrasebook helpful for breaking the ice, safety tools that allow you to convey any emergency with ease, a tip calculator as well as much more. It offers instant voice translation in 42 languages in up to 100 countries and is available now on the App Store and Google Play.

Microsoft translator

This is Microsoft’s answer to the translation giant that is Google Translate. It allows you to become part of the conversation, regardless of the language you speak. Lecturers, teachers or presenters can break the language barrier and reach a wider audience. International travel becomes easy, allowing you to make new connections and relationships with new people. A downside is that it only supports 60 languages, with not all the features being available for all languages. An example of this is, speech recognition and conversation mode are only available for 10 languages.

iTranslate Voice

Downloadable now on iOS and Android, iTranslate Voice is a great translation app that provides text-to-speech and voice-to-voice translation. Whatever you say gets immediately translated leading to more efficient conversations. The new Phrasebook gather all your recently used phrases for easy access, useful for people who need to ask the same thing in multiple languages. AirTranslate allows you to connect your device to another leading to immediate engagement in conversations. It also supports 42 languages and dialects.

Google Translate

This is the big dog. Google Translate supports more languages than any of its competition and its extensive list of cool features make it well-suited for travellers. It offers fluctuating support for 103 languages including: 103 type to translate languages, offline support for 52 languages, real-time video translation for 30 languages, camera mode for 37 languages, speech-speech translation for 32 languages and handwriting translation for 93 languages. Whip out your phone and Google Translate can translate signs, menus and other written content using the camera. The best thing about it? That magic word that everyone loves to hear…Free.


This is an award-winning app that uses the camera on your smartphone to translates food menus and signage. Simply point and translate. Exploring Asia has never been easier with support for translation of Chinese, Japanese and Korean; this should be a traveller’s best friend. Being on the go doesn’t matter as using WayGo doesn’t require an internet connection. Download what BBC The Travel Show is calling “Amazing. That’s actually amazing”. Available for iOS and Android.