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4 Common Translation Problems

When you want to communicate across a language barrier, you need the help of our experienced professional translators. Only someone that truly understands both languages can accurately convey your meaning, and our translators know how to quickly and precisely get your message across. These are some of the common translation issues that our team will […]

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Translation Options – How Good are They

Online Translators Online translators are fantastic when you need something translated into your native language, but they do have a number of big disadvantages and therefore extremely limited applications. The biggest problem with online translators is that they cannot understand context. Pop in a simple word and it translates it, great. But if that word […]

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How Do You Translate this Word

Hardest Words to Translate One of the most difficult challenges for any translator is when they come across a word that either has no translation into the required language, or take a lot of explaining to fully translate. So, with that in mind here are a few words that are difficult to translate. AUTO-TUNED This […]

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What do you need to become a Translator?

How do you become a Translator? There are a number of different ways someone can begin their career as a professional translator. If you’re already equipped with the skills required, perfect. However, it is possible to find highly skilled individuals with entirely different qualifications, previous working experiences and personal interests. If you really want to […]

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9 Top Translation Apps

Have you ever wanted to get out and see the world but you’re worried about the language barriers? How are you going to communicate? Well stop your panicking because here is a list of the best translation apps you can download today. Perfect for when you visit exotic new countries. SayHi Translate This is an […]

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New Linguistica South Coast Recruitment WebSite

In a bid to meet its ever growing client base’s needs, UK translation agency Linguistica International has launched an in-house recruitment site. Developed to help jobseekers and employers find, advertise and apply for multilingual roles, South Coast based Linguistica Recruitment is part of the company’s commitment to offering clients superlative linguistics services across the globe. […]

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Famous Language Faux Pas

Despite their best efforts, people don’t always get it right when they’re trying to communicate in a foreign language. From ordinary individuals to some of the most high-profile companies and public figures, there have been countless examples of language faux pas. Here are some of the most famous, not to mention amusing! Politicians slip up […]

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Pangeanic Urges Businesses to Consider Cost of Cheap Translation after World’s Biggest Brands Fall Victim

Biggest Brands Fall Victim has urged any business searching for a translation service to consider the hidden costs of cheap translations before confirming a supplier. The warning comes after a study by mental_floss magazine found even the world’s biggest brands were not immune to lexicon fails, with the likes of Vitaminwater, Umbro. Clairol and the […]

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